seniorITy book image with authrs Lucia Dore and Carole Railton FRSA

Over the past few decades, humans have been part of a behavioural shift. This is largely due to the development of innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI), which is revolutionising the way we live and work.

For many seniors however, they have been left feeling ostracised and out of touch with the modern world with a lack of accessibility or support around these developments.

With AI expected to see an annual growth rate of 37.3% and ChatGPT dominating the headlines, Lucia Dore and Carole Railton are on a mission to provide seniors with the information and skills needed to use technology to their advantage. AI developments have the power to dramatically enhance their latter years.

Lucia Dore, a financial and business investigative journalist and editor from New Zealand, and Carole Railton, a global body language specialist from the UK, are co-founders of Behavioural Shift, a company which aims to empower the over 65’s in the modern world. In their new book SeniorITy, the pair share their insights into how senior living can be enhanced by AI and technology, and why accessible technology should be a priority for all.

An overarching societal view of AI benefits

The book cites research from experts including criminologists, high-end tech developers, designers and futurists, and covers topics such as, health, wealth, day-to-day living and body language. It aims to examine the latest developments in tech, what to expect from the future and to remove the unease many older people have around technology. By keeping on top of new trends and developments, readers will feel empowered to use AI and technology in their everyday lives, for example, to manage their money, shop or to stay connected with others, whilst making sure they are protected online.

Whether readers are feeling inspired, frustrated, fearful or curious about the ever-growing number of technological advancements, SeniorITy offers practical guidance for both seniors themselves and those in their support network, such as family, friends and carers. Designed to be an accessible guide broken down into easy-to-read chapters, it is simple for anyone to reference as needed.

Seniors can lead a more independent empowered future

In a society increasingly built on technology, without the information in this book, seniors may feel they are falling behind. With senior isolation already a major concern, the right applications of AI technology could provide the answer. SeniorITy is a must-read for seniors looking to lead a more independent, connected and empowered life in the modern world, confident in the knowledge that they are keeping up with their younger counterparts.

SeniorITy is published by Panoma Press and available on Amazon.

About the Authors

Lucia Dore, who lives on the South Island of New Zealand, is a financial and business investigative journalist and editor with many years of experience in the print and online media, working in the UK and Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Asia Pacific. She is also a researcher, communications professional and co-founder of Behavioural Shift. In 2015, she completed a documentary film entitled “Stepping Up: NZ’s response to the refugee crisis”.

Carole Railton FRSA is a global body-language specialist who previously worked for IBM in Zambia, DataPoint (USA and UK), and Xerox (UK and the Middle East). Now she works as a global body-language consultant with international organisations, showing them how to communicate with clarity and impact using modern body-language behaviours. Ranked tenth in the world of global body-language consultants, Carole has worked with KPMG Singapore, IBM France, Google London, and CFEO Nigeria.