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Article provided by Jo Callwood

Digital marketing and technology is such a rewarding career.

It may be hard to get the first foot in the door, but once you’ve landed that first job, you’ll never look back.

It seems every employer wants experience… but how do you get that experience without actually having a job?

Although women are underrepresented in the tech and digital world, there is a silver lining for a woman striving to enter the field. We’ve reached a time where gender equality is continually hitting the headlines and employers and influencers in the industry want to make a change. With this, comes plenty of opportunities for women to take advantage of when they’re starting out in the digital world.

Whether these opportunities directly link to your desired career or not, taking part in these events or courses gives you plenty to talk about in interviews, provides you with experience in the field and displays your passion for the industry.

Below are some of the best, free courses and events for anyone wanting to start out in a digital career. Some are specifically for women and others, anyone can join.

Codebar.io – a fantastic not-for-profit who provide completely free workshops teaching women how to code.

The sessions are one-on-one with an expert mentor, focusing on either HTML, JavaScript or CSS. The courses are around the country including, London, Brighton, Kent, Peterborough, Cambridge, Edinburgh and many more locations.

Plus, if there isn’t a session locally to you, you can complete the free, online courses here.

This isn’t the only of its kind – check out a comprehensive list of ‘places where girls can learn how to code’ here.

Accenture Digital Skills – Online, free, interactive courses that help to prepare you for getting a job in digital. The courses focus on a variety of skills such as, social media, mobile, digital marketing, user experience, web analytics and more.

Unfold UK – a networking group powering diversity and inclusion in VR, AR and immersive technologies. Whether this is a hobby for you or a potential future career, they offer free dedicated workshops covering a breadth of skills, and exclusive access to conferences and job opportunities.

Sky’s Get Into Tech Initiative – for women with little or no previous experience in tech. This initiative provides a supportive environment for women to learn the necessary skills to start a new career in technology.

Google Digital GarageGoogle are helping you to learn some of the most in-demand skills in the industry. You can learn online for free and they cover topics such as, ‘explore how websites work’, ‘create a long term social media plan’, ‘build a strong online strategy’ and more.

Joining any of these initiatives and courses looks fantastic on a CV and really stands out to employers in a competitive job market. It shows passion, a willingness to learn and will really help with answering those interview questions.

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