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LinkedIn claims the best day to apply for a new job is on a Monday. Citing a survey by SmartRecruiters, Monster believes that “Tuesday is not only the best day out of the week for job seekers to apply for a job, but it’s also the day most people are hired”. But, begs to differ as Friday is the optimal day for securing that new post.

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Whatever your thoughts on the hiring process, when you want a new role, you want a new role! So, if you’re a woman in tech, looking for tech roles, then the best way to secure that job isn’t looking at the calendar, it’s heading to our job board!

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Our new and improved job board is packed with opportunities for women (or indeed any gender) to find their new career in IT or STEM. Head over to the board today and you could be a Marketplace Operations Analyst or Missile Test Architect. What about a Complaints Officer to Chemicals Research Analyst? Working at MI6 or MBDA. BAE or S&P…

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