Inclusive design is so much more than designing for people with a disability.

A person using a product can be in various situations from having only one arm, a permanent injury, a temporary condition, to being a new parent who only has one arm free while nursing a newborn. We can’t always predict who will use our products, or what emotional state they’ll be in when they do. But, we have the power and responsibility to build compassion into every aspect of product experiences, so millions of humans feel supported. Raman will share principles and practical approaches on how we can create different ways for humans to participate in society.

About the speaker

RAMAN RAIRaman Rai, Multi-Award Winning Product Manager, PwC

Raman Rai is a multi-award winning Product Manager who applies human behaviour and design thinking to help build inclusive products. Named 2022’s TechWomen100 and One Young World Ambassador, Raman is one of 100 influential female tech leaders in the UK. She has helped scale 50+ social enterprises during COVID-19 by turning ideas into sustainable and scalable ventures and is an ambassador for Europe’s largest female and non-binary hackathon, Athena Hackathon, which she has won twice and mentors hackers on how to take an early stage idea to a MVP.

In her first year at PwC UK, Raman was named a Rising Star and won the Building Purpose Award and Spotlight Award: Beyond Change for her contributions to driving inclusive digital transformation across PwC. She created a legacy of upskilling 3000+ people and clients on digital technology at a time when delivery was virtually impossible. In 2019, Raman represented the UK advertising industry at the Roger Hatchuel Academy at Cannes Lions and Google Creative Campus in Silicon Valley, California. She is an avid travel photographer and Gen Z writer.