HRtech is rapidly evolving to meet the demands from employers, investors, and regulators to build a more modern, equitable workplace.

To drive efficiency and results, companies are eager for data driven solutions that prioritise workplace equity to drive better business outcomes and rebuild trust between employees and employers.

New tools for HR professionals are suddenly in constant development. The CHRO has begun to talk like a CFO as software solutions that assess pay equity, unlock opportunity, and benchmark future hiring to create more diverse workforces continue to come online. Data analytics are used to make better, more informed decisions not only about a company’s hiring pipeline, the opportunities for advancement in regards to internal talent, and the keys to retaining your top employees.

The greatest contribution HRtech will make to the workplace is harnessing the power of data and analytics to mitigate conscious and unconscious bias and ensure that everyone is valued based solely on what they contribute to their company’s success.

About the speaker

Ritu MohankaRitu Mohanka, Managing Director and Head of EMEA, Syndio

Ritu is the Managing Director and Head of EMEA for Syndio. She has over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles with HR and tech and talent-focused businesses, including leading business development and strategic growth efforts in EMEA at Glint (now LinkedIn) and Managing Director, Europe at Kenexa (acquired by IBM in 2012). Ritu has personally led and delivered many key projects for some of the world’s largest and most complex global organisations, linking results to overall strategic business goals to drive performance improvement. She is passionate about making workplaces more diverse, inclusive, and fair. Ritu is the winner of multiple awards and has been recognised on the EMpower Top 100 Ethnic Minority Senior Executive lists on several occasions.