Imisi, an award-winning technology enthusiast, is a shining example of passion and emerging talent in the field of computer science. Graduating in July 2023 with a degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, she is an upcoming Product and Technology Analyst at Deutsche Bank, poised to make significant contributions in the industry.

Imisi’s journey into technology began when she emerged as the winner of the Talent 2030 National Engineering Competition for Girls in 2019. This achievement showcased her innovative abilities and solidified her commitment to breaking barriers and inspiring future generations of women in technology. Recognised for her exceptional skills and expertise, Imisi’s accomplishments have been celebrated nationally. She was featured in the inaugural edition of the Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech publication, “The Voices in the Shadow”, in her second year of university, highlighting her contributions to the field. Imisi’s academic journey has been marked by remarkable achievements. She recently became a finalist in the Society of Women Engineers’ (WELocal) Poster Competition, where her research project demonstrated the power of technology and data analytics in identifying disparities and enhancing the experiences of school students. Imisi’s experience in software development, data science, and artificial intelligence has been cultivated through her degree and technology internships and spring weeks in organisations including Deutsche Bank, American Express, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, bp and Heriot-Watt University.

Beyond her technical pursuits, Imisi has also honed her soft skills through leadership roles. As a board member at Econominds, a UK-based EdTech start-up, she has actively shaped the organisation’s technology strategy and fostered its growth. Additionally, her involvement in her university’s Entrepreneurs Society committee has allowed her to demonstrate her exceptional problem-solving abilities and contribute to the development of innovative projects. Imisi’s passion for technology and education is further exemplified through her role as a UK STEM ambassador and as a judge in Generating Genius’ Technology STEM Future Leaders Competition. She has been invited to speak about technology throughout the course of her degree, most recently speaking about the impact of AI on schools and workplaces as the youngest professional speaker at Hundo’s first CareerCon.

Moreover, her commitment to mentoring and tutoring sixth-form students annually, spanning students from 17 different UK schools, showcases her dedication to fostering the next generation of technology enthusiasts.