Indie is Head of programs at Foundervine and Founder of Halo, an all in one safety app that provides round-the-clock safety, resources and support for adult men and women, guardians and lone workers.

Halo connects to different health and fitness apps and software that allows users to track their physical health also; this ensures everyone is supported from all angles.

Indie started her career in Program Management, setting up social action projects in different communities, the aim was to bring communities together and empower people to become active citizens and not passive bystanders, this meant partnering with major companies like Sky, HSBC, Nandos and local government. Indie was responsible for ensuring over 7,7800 + young people successfully completed the program and achieved their goals.

After 6 phenomenal years of building a management team across London and Surrey, Indie moved into the Tech startup ecosystem where she now heads the international programs department at Foundervine, a startup tech training consultancy company that works to empower anyone with a dream of starting, developing and scaling a business. The company works to ensure all founders are tech-enabled and have access to all tools and resources needed to thrive.

Since joining Foundervine, Indie has overseen the transition from a small, largely part-time team to a fully staffed organisation of over 20 employees with offices on two continents. She has overseen a number of excellent, high-impact business support programs for diverse entrepreneurs, including:

  • Barclays Black Founder Accelerator in partnership with Barclays Bank – (Empowering tech-based companies to scale)
  • Lloyds Investment Readiness Accelerator and Immerse Program in partnership with Lloyds Bank – (Support early stage businesses to create tech-enabled businesses)
  • Lambeth Business Support Program on behalf of the London Borough of Lambeth

These programs, amongst others, have supported over 4,600 individuals in the last three years to build STEM skills, take their first steps into entrepreneurship and scale new digital ventures.

Indie is on a mission to empower anyone, and everyone to speak, lead, work and live with unapologetic confidence. Indie has returned to school to achieve her degree in computer science at Harvard University. Her goal is to equip people, regardless of gender, race and disability, with the tools needed to achieve their dreams and live their best lives.

Indie took a leap of faith and transitioned into the tech industry after attending a coding class for women wanting a career change and was blown away by the scope and impact of what could be achieved. Now, Indie is in a position of leadership where she empowers the companies of today and tomorrow, ensuring all companies and organisations are tech-enabled and can weather the storm of any social, economical or environmental change.