Hedy LamarrHedy Lamarr (1914-2000) was an Austrian-American actress, inventor and film producer.

She starred in 30 films during her 28 year acting career, such as Tortilla Flat, Lady of the Tropics and Boom Town and co-invented an early version of frequency-hopping spread spectrum at the begginning of World War II.

Lamarr’s work on spread spectrum communications have played a vital part in our ability to have wireless communications in the present day. She developed the system with her friend, George Antheil, and it was originally designed to defeat the German Nazis by preventing enemies from decoding messages, though it became an important stepping stone in the development of further military communication technology.

Though she wasn’t instantly recognised for her invention, in 1997 Lamarr and Antheil were honored with the Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award, and in the same year, she became the first female to receive the BULBIE Gnass Spirit of Achievement Award – often considered the ‘Oscars’ of inventing.

Lamarr sadly passed away on 19th January 2000, at the age of 86.

Below, we take a look at some of Hedy Lamarr’s most famous quotes

“I know why most people never get rich. They put the money ahead of the job. If you just think of the job, the money will automatically follow. This never fails.”

“Analysis gave me great freedom of emotions and fantastic confidence. I felt I had served my time as a puppet.”

“Confidence is something you’re born with. I know I had loads of it even at the age of 15.”

“I don’t fear death because I don’t fear anything I don’t understand.”

“I have not been that wise. Health I have taken for granted. Love I have demanded, perhaps too much and too often. As for money, I have only realized its true worth when I didn’t have it.”

“I was in constant demand, in my professional life and my personal life”

“Jack Kennedy always said to me, Hedy, get involved. That’s the secret of life. Try everything. Join everything. Meet everybody.”

“Some men like a dull life – they like the routine of eating breakfast, going to work, coming home, petting the dog, watching TV, kissing the kids, and going to bed. Stay clear of it – it’s often catching.”

“Hope & curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees. The unknown was always so attractive to me…and still is.”

“All creative people want to do the unexpected”

“If you do good, people will accuse you of being selfish, ulterior motives.”

“Think Big”

“Give the world the best you’ve got. And you will get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you’ve got anyway”

“Technology is forever”

“If I were to name my favourite past time I’d say talking about myself. I love it and I think most other people do too. We need people like us, more listeners and less talkers”