Mou Mukherjee is the Director of Marketing .CLOUD, a top-level domain extension that launched last month

You’ve had an interesting and diverse career – what led you to your role today?

Mou MukherjeeWhen I was at the start of my career deciding which path to take, I had a passion for the internet and knew I wanted a career in technology. Back in 1998 when the internet became mainstream, it allowed people to connect in a different way. I wanted to be part of that new world so I took a job at a startup web hosting company. I started in customer service and quickly moved into technical operations. I was able to grow in my role as the company grew from 6 to more than 200 people before it was acquired. It was a very dynamic and thriving environment and I loved watching it grow. I will never forget those early days and I’m grateful to the people that opened the door for me.

Since then I’ve taken various positions, I’ve been in and out of the domains and hosting industry, worked both client and agency side, and even on a few projects outside technology. There are some very intricate transitions you can make if you find the right timing and opportunities.

Today I’m the director of marketing at .cloud. In this role I look after digital marketing, work with our channel partners, and manage PR operations and events.

So why did you choose to work in technology?

I’m glad I specialised in technology because look at the world we live in now. Even if you are not working in technology, technology affects our everyday lives.

During my career I literally grew up with the cloud and watched how cloud computing transformed our business and personal lives. Currently at .cloud, I get to interact with a lot of cool and creative people and companies that are very passionate about the cloud; that’s a very fulfilling part of my job.

I never expected that a very niche experience in the world of domains and web hosting would lead to this wonderful opportunity with .cloud.

What other invaluable things have you learned along the way?

Firstly, it really helps to be passionate about what you do. You might not love every aspect of your job but you’ve got to love the core of what you do because you spend a good portion of your life at work.

Secondly, relationships are key. It is important to treat everyone with respect. That goes beyond your customers and immediate teams, it includes partners, vendors, pretty much everyone you interact with. Everyone has a job to do and everyone is different in their approach. If you try to understand life from
another person’s perspective, people are more likely to respect and enjoy working with you.

Also people remember experiences – when you shared a laugh, got through a hard time, celebrated a success, had some fun, or went out of our way to connect with someone. We work in a very stressful environment at times, small things can make a big difference. And it is because of relationships that I am where I am today. My boss Francesco, was a former business partner of mine, and I was connected to Aruba SpA (the parent company of .cloud) through a previous job in the industry.

Finally, be flexible and adaptable. Not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes you need to get a fresh perspective. Over time, you’ll learn what motivates you, what inspires you, how to overcome challenges, and in what environments you excel the most.

What has inspired you in your role today and your latest project to launch .cloud?

I’m returning to an industry that I used to work in previously so renewing all my former relationships has been very inspiring. But ultimately I choose this job because it was a chance to build something new and watch it grow.

Working for an Italian company has in itself been very inspirational and rewarding. The team here is very creative, passionate, and they have been exceptionally welcoming and supportive. Through them I have gained a different perspective on business and culture.

Do you have any other advice to pass on to women looking to work in technology today?

If it’s your passion, pursue it! Talk to people you aspire to, and learn how they got there. There will be some common challenges that women face and it’s good to know about them, but ultimately you have to figure out how you want to make a difference, what’s worth fighting for, and what you need to be happy and successful.

It’s also hard to learn that we don’t live in a perfect world. But if you’ve built good relationships, people will help you on your journey. So be memorable and remarkable at what you do. Your career is going to change, it’s meant to be dynamic. You don’t know sometimes how long or short your journey will be, but relationships and experiences can last a lifetime. You never know where you might find yourself one day.