This year, the focal theme of International Men’s Day is “ZERO MALE SUICIDE.” 

This theme underscores the urgent need to address the alarming rates of male suicide. By shedding light on this pressing concern, we aim to inform and educate in a collective effort to curb the devastating impact of mental health challenges on men.

In a world that continually evolves, fostering inclusivity and understanding is imperative for the betterment of society. International Men’s Day, observed annually on November 19th, provides an opportune moment to reflect on and celebrate the diverse roles men play in our society. This day is not only a platform for acknowledging their achievements but also an occasion to raise awareness about the critical issue of men’s well-being.

The three core themes for International Men’s Day in the UK which are used every year to help maximise engagement are:

  • Making a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys
  • Raising awareness and/or funds for charities supporting men and boys’ wellbeing
  • Promoting a positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity

Key statistics on the above can be found here.

IMD in the UK takes a gender-inclusive approach and therefore believes in ensuring that issues affecting women and girls are also resolved.  It also recognises the intersection between gender and other factors such as race and sexuality which can compound the inequalities affecting men and boys. 

How to get involved

Join the Men and Boys Coalition to support International Men’s Day all year round.

Twitter:  @UKMensDay and #internationalmensday



For more information on International Men’s Day, events and links to celebrate the day yourself, please visit here.

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