Women’s equality has made positive gains but the world is still unequal. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing global attention on areas requiring further action.

Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8, with the first day being held in 1911. Thousands of events occur to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day.

This year’s theme is #InspireInclusion – which aims to collectively forge a more inclusive world for women. Organisers of International Women’s Day are calling for everyone to share their #inspireinclusion message across all platforms. Let us celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and take action to drive gender parity. IWD belongs to everyone, everywhere. Inclusion means all IWD actions are important.

The United Nations has also set a separate theme of ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress‘, to highlight how important it is that women and girls are given equal opportunity to grow and learn. Achieving gender equality and women’s well-being in all aspects of life is more crucial than ever. Take a stand for this IWD using the hashtag #InvestInWomen.

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How to Embrace Equity for International Women's Day 2023

Jennifer Willey, Wet Cement CEO explains what it means to embrace equity, this year‘s theme for International Women’s Day.

“We can all be allies to create equitable environments–certainly, men can be better allies for their female colleagues, women, we need to be stronger allies for other women with intersectionality: black women, Latino women, LGBTQ, women, women with disabilities, and veterans. So, start planning to Embrace Equity for IWD 2023.”