My main interaction with technology started during my PhD in developmental cognitive neuroscience where I investigated social cognition development during adolescence using tools such as eye-tracking and EEG. In order to do that, I had to learn to code some Python and R to present my experiments but also to analyse my data. After contributing to the adolescent research through conferences, publications and projects aiming to enhance the livelihood of adolescents, I switched career paths and joined the world of financial services through Capco’s Next Generation Digital Technology PhD Fellowship programme.

As a consultant at Capco I have held and evolved through a variety of roles including that of Product Manager, Tech Vendor Manager and Technical Analyst within Capco as well as a number of clients. During my time at Capco I have supported a number of projects both internally and externally with research, vendor analysis, delivery and building products. I have an interest in disruptive digital technologies, consumer behaviour insight and product development.