I am Irene Tobajas, a dynamic and accomplished professional with a strong background in technology. With a genuine passion for driving positive change in the industry, I have dedicated my career to fostering diversity, inclusion, and innovation.

My journey in technology began with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Zaragoza. Equipped with a solid analytical mindset and problem-solving skills, I embarked on a professional path poised to make a meaningful impact.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a data-driven approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence. From my early experiences in continuous improvement and project management, I honed my expertise in optimizing business processes and driving efficiency. I led cross-functional teams, identified cost-saving opportunities, and implemented data-driven strategies that improved performance.

Seeking new challenges and eager to leverage my skills in the tech industry, I joined Amazon. As a BI Risk Analyst, I developed proficiency in data analysis and reporting, providing decision support capabilities that optimized revenue and margins. Later, as a Pricing & Costing Analyst at Prime Video, I further refined my skills in data mining, trend analysis, and content pricing strategies, achieving remarkable results in customer engagement and transaction margins.

Beyond my technical expertise, I am deeply passionate about fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. As the Affinity Group Leader of Latinos@London at Amazon, I established a thriving community, fostering a supportive network for underrepresented individuals. Additionally, as Co-Chair for the ‘Extended Reality, Media, and Gaming’ track at the AnitaB.org’s Grace Hopper Celebration, I provided a platform for women and non-binary technologists to showcase their achievements on a global stage.

Inspiring the next generation of technologists is close to my heart. As an AWS GetIT Ambassador, I have partnered with schools to ignite interest in tech among young girls, dismantling gender biases and encouraging their pursuit of technology careers. Opening doors and empowering aspiring female technologists is crucial to creating a more inclusive industry.

My commitment to driving positive change extends beyond my professional roles. I actively engage in volunteering initiatives, such as DataKind UK, where I utilize my data skills to contribute to projects that have a social impact. I believe in the power of data to create meaningful change and solve complex problems.

With my ambition, energy, and continuous pursuit of challenges, I strive to be a catalyst for positive change in the tech industry. My data-driven mindset, combined with strong leadership and collaboration skills, enables me to drive innovation, promote diversity and inclusion, and inspire the next generation of technologists.