Irina Kamalova

I’m proud to stay in London as Lead of Women Who Code Community and support women in their career in Tech.

My journey to Tech started at school. I targeted to obtain education in the most competitive Tech University in Russia, at MIPT. I wrote my bachelor diploma on C++ and did research in solving problems of complex software architecture.
Then I started my career as a Software Engineer. My first place to work was the biggest bank in Russia. My next step was to move on very extreme development of products at Yandex, Russian’s Google.
I moved to London just before the lockdown and worked at Asset Control, the company who provides technologies in the financial market. During last summer, I volunteered as SQL Instructor for “Girls First: Code” and helped 20 students to learn SQL basics and deliver great projects.  In winter 2021, I started volunteering in the Women Who Code London community and I was quickly promoted to Lead.
Today I’m a mid-level Backend Software Engineer at Revolut, top-2 startup on LinkedIn. During this year, I gave my first tech talk in several places. I helped to launch the first Mentorship program in WWCode and participated as a mentor as well. This program showed great results. I also delivered the study track on Algorithms and Data Structures and helped to launch the WWCode’s book club on leadership. I’m happy to see how many things have been done so far and looking forward to new projects and challenges!