My journey in the world of technology began during my school years with a clear goal in mind: to pursue education at MIPT, the most competitive Tech University in Russia. There, I immersed myself in the study of C++ and conducted research to solve complex software architecture problems, which became the subject of my bachelor’s diploma. With a solid foundation in place, I embarked on my professional career as a Software Engineer.

My first role took me to the largest bank in Russia, where I gained valuable experience in the financial sector. Eager to explore new opportunities, I then transitioned to Yandex, often referred to as Russia’s equivalent of Google. Working on fast-paced product development projects at Yandex provided me with invaluable insights and sharpened my technical skills.

A significant chapter in my journey unfolded when I relocated to London. There, I joined Asset Control, a company renowned for its technological contributions to the financial market. Simultaneously, I found fulfillment in giving back to the tech community by actively volunteering with Girls Code First and Women Who Code London.

Today, I am honored to serve as a Backend Software Engineer at Revolut, a highly acclaimed startup ranking among the top two companies on LinkedIn. During my time at Revolut, I have had the privilege of leading several successful projects, demonstrating my ability to drive initiatives to fruition.

In my volunteering efforts, I have achieved success by spearheading various projects within the Women Who Code London community. I played a pivotal role in launching initiatives such as the Mentorship Programme, Mock Interviews, Resume Clinics, and various technical tracks, all aimed at empowering and supporting aspiring technologists.

Reflecting on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunities that have shaped me both professionally and personally. I remain deeply passionate about the transformative power of technology and am committed to making a meaningful impact through my work, whether it be leading successful projects at Revolut or driving initiatives within the Women Who Code London community.