If women invested at the same rate as men, there would be at LEAST an extra $3.22 TRILLION of assets under management from private individuals today (BNY Mellon, Inclusive Investment report 2022).

This statistic showcases the astronomical potential there is to encourage women to invest more and be less risk-averse with their investing habits. This short talk delivery by Mary Agbesanwa will cover the latest innovations in fintech and wealthtech and how technology is driving financial inclusion enabling the democratisation of financial products and services.

About the speaker

mary agbesanwaMary Agbesanwa, Fintech Growth Lead, Seccl

Mary Agbesanwa is passionate about how technology is transforming wealth management and supporting millennials to achieve their full potential. She has spent several years working as a Management Consultant working with banks and fintechs looking to scale or adapt their business models. Now she works at Seccl, a B2B fintech building the ‘Stripe for Investments’.

As their Fintech Growth Lead, she is focused on turbocharging the firm’s growth and expanding their portfolio of fintech clients.Outside of work, she runs a female professional community called the ‘Now You’re Talking Network’ which has over 1,000 members from tech and financial services. She is also the Learning Facilitator for Imperial College Business School’s quarterly Fintech Programme.

Her recent accolades include being part of Brummell’s 30 Inspirational Women in the City list 2022, Shortlisted for Black Tech Achievement Awards ‘Fintech Professional of the Year 2022 & 2023’, MCA Young Consultant of the Year Finalist 2021 and Innovate Finance Women in Fintech Powerlist 2020.