Isabel Chapman

Isabel is a communications expert who has worked with young people, parents and disadvantaged, isolated communities for the last twelve years in various settings, including the Criminal Justice System, Peabody Housing Association, the Charity Sector and inner-city schools and estates.

Isabel has extensive experience and specialises in increasing access to opportunities through technology, co-creation of technology tools, demystifying technology, platforming the voices and experiences of those who are often forgotten and hard to reach.

Isabel has expertise in managing multi-stakeholders campaigns and programmes across the private and public sectors, focusing on social change, inequality and youth violence. In 2013 Isabel managed and coordinated The Oii My Size Campaign, which was awarded the Nominet Award for ‘Making the Internet a Safer Place.’ The Oii My Size campaign is an educational, youth-led website about the consequences and legalities of sexting. Isabel worked with The Pixel Parlour to support the campaigners to harness the power of technology to create social change, and empower young people with knowledge about the sharing of sexual images and information about a relatively new social issue. In 2013, in line with the change in the law to include 16 and 17 year old in the Domestic Abuse Victim definition, Isabel worked with Peabody Domestic Abuse lead and the Oii My Size group again to create a young person-specific webpage ‘What Is Normal?’ on the website, to allow young people to access reliable information online about Relationships and Domestic Abuse.

In 2015 Isabel coordinated an Erasmus+ project ‘Relationship Status: It’s Complicated’ supporting 250 young people from London estates, professionals and MPs to attend events focused on bringing together different groups to discuss young people’s perspectives and solutions to Social Media, Sex and Relationships and Political Engagement, with the main event being hosted at the House of Commons. This was ahead of the government introducing Compulsory Sex and Relationships nationally for all young people over the age of 11, in 2018. The diverse range of young people included young men from the Muslin Community in Tower Hamlets who were passionate about increasing young people’s access to SRE, through technology. All aspects of this project were designed and developed by young people, providing them with genuine ownership of how technology and social media can be a force for bringing people together for discussion and social change.

Isabel joined #techmums in 2018 as their project manager and producer of #techmumsTV, launched in partnership with Facebook. The innovative show live-streamed 5 weekly 1 hour episodes, all about young mums and technology; where Isabel researched the programme topics which included Online Safety, Looking for work online and Using your voice online. Isabel was pivotal to establishing the format of the show, Isabel ensured young mums were placed at the centre of the show, celebrating how they are using technology, as well as the other aspect of the show, focusing on increasing viewers knowledge and understanding of how technology can be used safely in their everyday lives, to increase employment opportunities and reduce isolation.

Isabel also researched and sourced guests, having to quickly build relationships with contributors to secure them to appear on #techmumsTV, including Emma Northcote from Monzo and Aimee Bateman from Career Cake. Isabel built relationships with a range of young mums nationally, through Home-Start UK and worked with supporters to make the show happen. Isabel was the main contact for coordinating content between the production company, Facebook and #techmums, all whilst only working 2 days a week for #techmums. Isabel successfully cohosted all 5 episodes with Dr Sue Black, briefed and coordinated 18 guests across the 5 episodes, which received over 300,000 views and high engagement rates of viewers watching all over the world. Isabel was pivotal to ensuring the content was relatable to everyday women, celebrating how they use technology in their lives, and increasing their knowledge of tools to raise aspirations and generate income. Key partners included LinkedIn, Monzo, Inkpact, and Depo Isabel went on to become #techmums Head of Operations where she and her colleague, Holly Rafique, redeveloped and updated #techmums Digital Skills Clubs content, successfully training and supporting 6 10-week #techmumsClubs nationally. Isabel was responsible for all strategic partnerships, initing and forming new partnerships in Scotland, Leeds, Jersey and London, bringing in over £25K into #techmums, bringing increased digital skills to 200 women and their families, who previously had not engaged in any formal technology qualifications.

Isabel is passionate about making things happen and empowering everyone she works with to use technology and embrace its advantages, as well as increasing awareness of how to approach situations and deal with the unfortunate, unavoidable negative aspects that can occur, without panicking. Isabel believes parents need support with aspects of understanding ever-evolving technologies to increase aspirations for future generations; this led Isabel to writing an article for Housing Technology about why parents are the missing link in the lack of diversity in technology conversation. Isabel is considered an expert in the Gender Equality field and is a qualified Safe Lives YPVA (Young People’s Violence Advisor) & an ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor). Isabel is an established public speaker, regularly speaking at events and conferences; this includes chairing debates in parliament and speaking on the ‘Women in Tech’ panel at the Parliamentary Internet Conference. Isabel also gave a TEDxClapham talk on sexual assault and technology in 2015. Isabel runs her own consultancy, Triple D Media, which encourages organisations and women to Discover, Diversify and Disrupt.