Isabelle Fernandes

I began at Avanade in the Organisational Transformation Team. Soon I led MS Teams and O365 training in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Stockholm and London and sought mentoring helping me manage senior stakeholders at this early stage.

It was a huge challenge, but I loved using training and change management to transform mindsets about technology

Concurrently, I supported Talent Acquisition with apprentice recruitment and school Outreach activities. I hosted a Day in the Life of a Consultant workshop with 15 underprivileged students in our office. This illuminated to me how Avanade’s consultancy offering could have a transformative impact for many more young, diverse people and charities globally.

When Covid-19 hit,, the scope for Avanade have a positive and transformative impact for young people was huge. It was crystal clear; we needed an Early Talent Lead to help Avanade support, educate and provide opportunities to ALL young people. It was a big ask and career jump but after just 16 months, I proposed my idea and was delighted to be seconded into this role.