I started working as a student while I was doing BA in Psychology. I was volunteering in student organisations helping students find the right international volunteering choice for themselves and was working in call center and as HR assistant in a bank. Throughout all collective experiences I realised I wanted to move to a business world, which was impossible for me to do in my home country(cannot shift from what you study in to different area of work). I’ve decided to study in the UK, applied for MSc in the UK, got in and studied International Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I got accepted in to Vodafone graduate scheme where quickly I discovered my interest lies in new product development.My final rotation was in CRM as a PMO where I lead new product development for internal use and upon successful launch got an opportunity to join Product team as a first Cloud Product Owner. In less than 2 years I managed to grow from leading one squad of 2 members into leading 3 squads in parallel with more than 15 members and build a new product proposition identifying the value of data that was unutilised. On top of that, I owned the whole of cloud product delivery roadmap for the area. Due to a proven success and self-development I ended up getting an opportunity to deliver and launch the most important cloud B2B technology in partnership with AWS called MEC that was first of its kind in the UK and Europe. I was headhunted to join LexisNexis Risk Solution(LNRS) as a Digital Identity Senior Product Manager where quickly I became an SME for digital identity and biometrics and together with the team delivered DI SDK to improve the existing DI mobile app. My time in LNRS was short as in less than a year I was headhunted to join PwC and help them build a new business area called Cloud Center of Excellence. I first worked on building a new team,processes, learning pathways/trainings, the culture and recruiting (using blind recruiting principle). Next step was to deliver a first external client delivery as a Product Owner. Now I am focused on building new product that were not previously build in PwC as Innovation Product Manager.