Ivy Wong

I currently work as the Operations and Marketing Manager at Lexoo, a legal tech startup that is creating a curated digital legal marketplace. My job is to: a) build and fine-tune the processes to effectively match experienced and high-quality lawyers to corporates, mid-sized businesses and tech start-ups looking for legal advice; and b) oversee content creation, particularly on the topics of the future of law and how technology will affect the legal services industry.

I started this role in February 2017, and before this, I worked for four years as a lawyer in the London and Hong Kong offices of Allen & Overy (A&O), a magic circle law firm. It was during my time at A&O that I started to believe in the need for innovation in legal services delivery, and the potential for technology to truly transform the sector. Unlike many other industries, the legal sector has been slow to change; there is a lack of price transparency in legal bills, difficulty in measuring the quality of lawyers, inefficient processes ripe for automation, and an entrenched club of knowledge-keepers that protect the rules of the game.

With the legal tech sector gaining momentum, I decided to join Lexoo to be a part of the disruption. I am now building a career in tech, and learning data analytics, coding and digital marketing both on the job and through online courses. I am actively involved in the legal tech and startup space, and frequently attend meetups and events on topics ranging from product management to user experience.