Jackie (she/her) is an inspirational Software Engineer, Technical Analyst, Program Manager and Agile Coach, with a passion for delivering business value through the application of her Agile and DevOps expertise, driving transformation across her organization.

Her positive impact as a role model is evidenced through the wide range of activities she is involved in, both within Credit Suisse and reaching out into the local community.

Jackie is a proud STEM Ambassador, working in the local community to promote careers in IT and within the financial industry. She partners with SkillsBuilder, Inspiring the Future, and is a TechWeCan Champion. Through her work with local schools, she is saddened to see how few female students choose to pursue Computer Science at a high school level.

Jackie feels strongly that representation is critical to Change the Ratio, so is a highly visible female software developer in the financial industry and is actively mentoring other female and non-binary colleagues to increase their visibility in the local community. In addition to delivering career talks to local schools, at primary and secondary levels, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), she delivers coding workshops in-person and online, and supports local STEM clubs to provide after school activities for underprivileged children.

Over her 12 year career at Credit Suisse, Jackie has repeatedly demonstrated exceptional analytical skills and a passion for applying industry best practice to improve operational efficiency. With a particular interest in automated testing, she has proactively identified ways to improve existing development processes which has reduced costs and significantly improved customer confidence in our products.  She currently works as Business Analyst and Program Manager across a number of strategic workstreams, with a focus on enabling DevOps transformation and reducing EOL risk.

She collaborates with developers to promote training and provide networking opportunities. Having initiated a Global Coding Academy, reaching hundreds of developers, she has created a platform for others to showcase their talents and expand their influence, fostering a culture where diverse perspectives are encouraged and celebrated. Jackie also delivers Agile and DevOps training in-person and online, and encourages her colleagues to showcase best practices.

Jackie is an active LGBTQ+ Ally, and a member of the BAME (Black Asian Multi-Ethnic) network, using every opportunity to promote Credit Suisse as an inclusive employer.

In addition to holding an MSc in Software Engineering (distinction), she is also a qualified high-school teacher. Jackie is currently studying towards a Diploma in DevOps, which aligns with her passion for delivering business value through the Agile and DevOps transformation of the organization.