Janet Oganah

I am deeply passionate about creative and intelligent work, which improves people’s lives, particularly women and people who are not always able to advocate for themselves.

I was a family law barrister for close to 7 years before a creative opportunity changed the course of my career. A unique opportunity to manage a celebrity’s social media (she is an Academy Award Winner) was a fantastic introduction into working with communities online.

I have since worked with an amazing array of female-led businesses on their strategy, communications, digital presence and social media. I adore the women I have worked with and this has given me first hand experience of all the potential there is out there for women to take the charge when it comes to business – especially female, minority led businesses. It is this experience that has led me to create Janet’s List.

Janet’s List is at the intersection of all the things I love: empowering women, diversity, digital technology and business. I cannot wait to bring this platform to life and to play my part in closing the gap between female minority-led businesses and consumers in the UK and globally.

In addition to this I work part time in the civil service. I handled social media for a government agency before a recent promotion to work in the team launching the civil service leadership academy. In government I have been nominated for and received two awards. I received the first for a presentation I gave on fostering a social media culture in the organisation. The second award I received was in response to an incident where I supported experts in the organisation in handling a situation on social media.