Jennifer Calland

Even with a non-traditional background in technology coupled with a significant career gap due to care, Jenn has nonetheless excelled.

Jenn is a former Business and Applications Analyst for Siemens PLM Software.

Maternity leave ended up being longer than Jenn bargained for when her son was diagnosed with Autism and needed Home Education. Then during that time, her daughter fell ill with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. After seeing her children through significant difficulties and with family life relatively stabilised, Jenn set out on a mission to regain lost career time within the tech industry.

With the help of the TechUpWomen and TechReturners programmes, Jenn upskilled to make ready for taking on cloud technologies and was hired by CTS during pandemic to take part in the UK Census 2021.

Along with her team, Jenn managed the communications, expectations and the monitoring solution for technologies that promoted the overwhelming success of the UK Census 2021.

Jenn has now transitioned to the CTS Data Analytics team where she hopes to continue to pursue her Masters in Big Data while applying cutting edge technologies such as BigQuery and Looker to meet demands from high profile clients. Meanwhile at work, she is an active promoter of Diversity and Inclusion while trailblazing for both Parent Carers and for Autistic folks.