Jennifer Kenyon

Jenny’s first internship was at the White House during the Obama Administration, where she worked on an environmental project focused on implementing the latest building technology in order to reduce Federal emissions.

She developed a passion around the power of technology to drive positive impact, and later did an internship and graduate role at Cisco Systems, where she is currently a business analyst focusing on the company’s global transformation from pure hardware to a combined hardware and software model. Her charismatic approach to obstacles and uncanny ability to translate strategy into execution has earned her an innovative reputation and showcased the potential of young women in the tech industry and the leadership ability of emerging talent.

However, it is her extra-curricular role which has propelled Jenny towards being a future tech leader. Jenny co-leads Cisco’s global ‘Back to Business Network’ which focuses on retaining employees after periods of leave by providing them with tools, mentoring, and a community to raise challenges associated with being working parents, primary caregivers for elderly relatives, or coping with the loss of a loved one. This year, she published a widely read e-book for managers on ways to prepare for an employee’s planned leave, successful re-integration of birthing and non-birthing parents into high-performing teams, and leading without biases. She has earned a reputation for bringing others along on a journey to combat lingering stereotypes in the UK’s tech industry around early in career innovation, working parents, and especially women in the workforce, in order to drive an inclusive, supportive, and conscious culture, as well as a broader positive reputation of UK tech companies.