Jenny Fallover
When I left school I didn’t think technology was really a career for women, even though it had been a hobby for me since I first got my hands on a Sinclair ZX81. After my A-levels I started working at the Inland Revenue and was spotted by one of the senior managers providing computer support to my colleagues. He arranged for me to attend a day release course at South Bank University and I passed my business and information technology qualification with distinction. I then moved on to operations and support roles and found that I was always the only female in the department, which had its challenges. After spending a number of years designing, deploying and supporting a wide variety of infrastructure technologies I transitioned to project management. I realised that the number of women working in technology had sadly not increased since I began in the field so I started working with organisations such as Apps for Good and CoderDojo to promote technology as a career to young females. I co-mentored an all female team, as part of my role as an Apps for Good expert, and they won the information category for their LGBTQI app for young adults ‘I’m Okay’. Around the same time I came out as a lesbian and, far from damaging it, my career accelerated. I have also been the London City Director for Lesbians Who Tech since 2015, I am co-chair for the Gay Women’s Network where I am part of a tech initiative for our members and I am ambassador for Trans*formation, a charity to support transgender professionals.