Jess Gosling is a Senior Innovation Policy Advisor within the R&D Strategy team within the UK Government.

With over ten years of experience in various sectors and industries, Jess has consistently strived to bridge the gap between culture, diplomacy and innovation. She spent over seven years abroad in deployments with the United Nations, UK Government, NGOs, civil society, and startups in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. For the past ten years, she has built her career around interdisciplinary thinking through working on issues like gender mainstreaming, public policy, the role of innovation and digital inclusivity.

In a quest to further build on collaborative networks and global knowledge exchange, she began her PhD in political science/public policy last year. Her project builds on international networks, looking specifically at nation-branding, public policy, innovation and the creative industries within the UK, Mexico, Georgia and South Korea. Jess has a deep passion for how we can come together using technology and digital skills, and this is something her PhD project is drawing upon. She frequently hosts free workshops with the General Assembly, Enterprise Nation and other tech-focused companies around soft skills, digital skills, impact, diversity & inclusion.

She is committed to several pro-bono initiatives in her spare time by utilising a positive, proactive, and solution-focused view. She co-founded the Growth & Grace Collective (G&G), a global community changing the narrative of upskilling, learning and development. In their first year, they powered up 2500+ people over 70 events with a truly global attendance, from Chile, Kenya, Jordan, to Singapore. In January 2021, she launched The Standard Brain, a platform to challenge the perceptions around self-promotion, unconscious biases & imposter syndrome under-represented groups face through free events.