Jess is co-founder and CEO of Differing Minds – a social enterprise raising awareness of neurodiversity, and Head of Data & Insights at Monterosa – a technology company specialising in Real-time engagement.

Jess started her career in technology consulting, then moved into eCommerce and more recently shifted into the data space. She excels at mobilising new initiatives and revenue streams, and thrives in an ever-changing environment.

Jess is incredibly passionate about inclusion and alongside all her roles has taken on additional E,D&I projects and responsibilities. Notably, she co-chaired the Gender Balance network at Argos, set up a Women’s network at BCS Consulting and founded the Inclusion Committee at Monterosa.

She is proud to have ADHD, and also has a wonderful autistic daughter. Consequently she founded Differing Minds in order to improve the lives and employment opportunities for neurodivergent people. Differing Minds works in organisations to improve their neuroinclusion through training and consulting. It also works in schools teaching children about neurodiversity in order to improve the school environment for neurodivergent children.

Jess is also studying a Masters in Sustainable Development.