After leaving the University of Southampton with a maths degree I went on to work for 2 years at a small PCB manufacturing company in the New Forest called Corintech.

As part of their graduate scheme I rotated round the business, looking at manufacturing engineering, sales and marketing. Month end was always a really exciting time, and the graduates were often called on to help with some last minute soldering – my special skill is solder dipping!

From there I moved to Amelco, a sportsbetting software house as a business analyst / project manager. It was at Amelco that I first got to experience managing technical teams, starting with a couple of developers for one of our smaller clients and eventually ending up looking after about 30 developers, spread over 3 different countries. It was here I learnt how to be resilient when things didn’t go to plan, especially when we had major production issues.

After 3 years I was looking for a new challenge, which I certainly found at BAE Systems. I began looking after a couple of internal database to cloud migration projects, but soon found myself client facing in a whole new sector – Space. My first project in this area was a hardware design and I was lucky to have a great team around me to support me through a very steep learning curve. After the successful delivery of this project I then went on to help shape the BAE Systems Space Strategy, working with a small team to create an internal investment business case for an innovative piece of kit that one of my engineers had come up with.

A year and a half on that business case has grown tenfold, and we are well into delivering the solution. Throughout I’ve worked closely with the Group CTO on the vision from the project and I’m excited to see the result late in 2023.