Jessica Willis-Bücken
After her art studies in Canada, Jessica began her UK career in the world of neurology. Helping the most vulnerable in our community to deal with life changing conditions and diseases. She met the team at the Data Science Festival and knew that her work for enabling information to be available for the community would be welcomed. She helped found the festival with the basis that Data Science from an open source perspective is the only way we can evolve our bigger ideas. We can then inspire people to use Data Science for good and connect people and companies together to better humanity. Jessica joined the Data Science Festival at its launch over 2 years ago. She became the community manager and has helped to launch the fastest growing Data Science Community in London. With the success of the Data Science Festival Live last year she will now be working on a Data Science Festival online. A series of free webinars to help educate, share information and empower Data Scientist internationally. She will also help to expand the Data Science Festival community groups to communities across the UK and into Europe in 2018.