Jhanice Targa

Jhanice is the founder and CTO at a startup called YourGuide Tutorials & Services, one of the leading COVID-19 responders that provide educational tools and technology services based in the Philippines.

She envisions innovative solutions that allow people to connect and collaborate with each other and build sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economies. She’s always been a technology enthusiast and an advocate for women in STEAM.

In 2016, she founded and became the president of the Youth Innovators Society, a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting youth’s active participation and innovation and one of the community partners of Impact Hub Manila. After a year, she leads the Youth Readers Society that spearhead book drive with over 800 books donated to develop an integrated library management system that aids learners, professionals and educators in their educational endeavours. Through her works, she has garnered recognition of Leader, Service and Commitment Award from her municipality. Her advocacies led her to a National Multimedia Committee position at Youth Advocates for the Philippines, a well-known youth-led and non-profit organization with over thousands of youth advocates around the world. Recently, she has led the Narra Educ Movement spanning the mobilization of thousands of volunteers in addressing education accessibility and she leads the Youth Innovators Society hackathon team and has produced winners and finalists from Impact Hackathons.

She’s also a young entrepreneur that have led digital projects. Her current project is WE Empower, also known as Women Entrepreneurs Empower, that aims to empower women in establishing their businesses and create a community of growing successful women entrepreneurs. The determination and enthusiasm she has for technology have already reached thousands of people – including students and teachers from universities; activists, advocates and professionals from the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and non-profit organizations; entrepreneurs.