Many years ago, when I graduated in China with a BA degree in Radio and Television Journalism, I didn’t expect that I would become a woman in tech in the UK.

With an one-year master degree in intercultural communication, I somehow end up working as a management consultant in PwC. On one hand, it means I have in depth understanding of Chinese business culture, however, on the other hand, my UK culture and business understanding was far behind than my peers when I first started.

Six years’ ago, when I first joined, I didn’t know that the word “excel” and “spreadsheet” refers to the same thing. As English is not my first language, I had to put in more efforts to pick up business knowledge. Sometimes I ended up asking similar questions repeatedly, sometimes I just didn’t understand, but I never stopped trying. I then got the chance to support a £bn+ digital transformation programme, made progress rapidly, supported my client with reporting processes, and even delivered a lunch and learn in blockchain for them.

Five years ago, I founded an international community in the midlands, helping international employees adapt to the UK culture whilst keeping their own characteristics. I coached 7 xlos junior colleagues to run their own events with my project management skills, and this leads to 20 events being held in PwC across lines of service, focusing on topics such as blockchain, intercultural communication, international photography competitions, etc. My coachees become more confident to have meaningful conversations with clients and senior colleagues.

Four years ago, I started to provide benefits management strategy advice to client C-suite, and become a team leader.

Two years ago, the first digital accelerator programme got launched in PwC. It is a programme that investigate into and cultivate digital champions in PwC. I applied for it, but didn’t got selected.

One year ago, I applied for the digital accelerator programme again, and this time got chosen. I got trained in alteryx and tableau, and started to leverage my skillsets in automating client facing programme management tools. Also in this year, I got promoted to be a manager.

Today, I am part of the PMO team that programme manage an industry leading clients implementing SAP systems across their global territories. The programme will last for several years and worth £36m+. We are not only implementing technology, we are also transforming people’s ways of working.

This is my journey but it will not stop here. I am not the girl who knows nothing about tech anymore. I am a diversity & inclusion champion, a digital accelerator, a coach and a progrmme manager. My ambition has been and always will be, to help my clients solve complex problems by bringing together diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.