Jo Jones

Throughout my life I have been in male dominated areas, from studying mechanical engineering in school, to programming at uni and now in my working life.

It was surprising how few women were in the same courses as me or in my working environment. I believe this is because girls can be pushed towards other roles in schools and aren’t necessarily shown all the different options.

From my experience I only found out about games courses through an accident. I was looking for a bio sciences course, but discovered a computer science games programming course instead. I decided that sounded awesome and said “let’s go for it”.

I earned a First class degree and completed a small research project on how games can be used for educational purposes. I then went on to work in an indie studio, where we created an educational game called The Doctor and the Dalek, that aimed to teach kids the fundamentals of coding.

I then joined Future Games of London (FGOL) as a junior and over my 5 years here have worked up to running my own core technology team. I also took part in several events to encourage more girls into games and hope to continue with these events as I believe it’s important to show people the opportunities that working in games can provide.