Jo Mahadevan

I started as an analyst programmer in the early 2000s. Growing up, I always envisioned a STEM related career for me. So choosing an IT related job was not a surprise, although, my dream was to be a digital electronic chip designer!

My first job was working in a customer support tech team and fixing live issues.The role was very thrilling as I had to speak to customers, engage with them positively and get them to give me more detail on the issues they had encountered with our product. The organisation that I worked for built an Enterprise Resource Planning product. Most of the issues encountered were around the data flow and my work involved analysing the sql databases , understanding the data flow and optimising the tables for improving the performance of our services. This job probably was the root cause for me to then venture into technical testing roles in the future as it also gave me an opportunity to understand the end to end journey of a product, what customers really wanted and how to use the technology and processes in a right way to support the business better.

Since then I’ve worked in few other agile organisations and my specialisation has been around technical testing, devOps, agile development and transformational leadership. I worked for a government organisation before joining the bank and there I learnt a lot about leadership, putting the citizens first and how, what we do, has impact on our community. It helped me build my emotional intelligence and in a way prepared me for my current role at the bank.

My current role at the bank is very rewarding and challenging. As a QE chapter lead, I’m responsible for helping my team, my lab and the value stream I work for, to adapt and transition into new ways of working. The focus for me is mainly quality engineering but I engage with various other leaders and engineers across the organisation to understand the current AS-IS scenario, communicate my To-Be vision and then creating a path from the AS-IS to To-BE. In my current role I find myself enabling and champion change through inspiration, implementing change in tandem with the organisation’s direction, whilst simultaneously keeping the morale, motivation and performance of the team high. All the skills I have gained so far in my career like around technology, process and people management is now helping me understand and appreciate my organisation’s transformation journey and also to do my role effectively as a transformation lead in quality engineering.

My favourite language is python and I really like to discuss about agile ways of working, devOps practices and cloud programming.