Cypher creative coding camps

Join Cypher this summer with their creative coding camps for kids!

Due to COVID-19, Cypher had to drastically alter the way they work – and switched all their live camps to online. Now, Live Online will remain part of the camp’s portfolio as we head towards defining what our post-lockdown life will look like.

Offering the camps online has been hugely beneficial for many students, eliminating any geographical barriers and extending Cypher’s reach way beyond London, with children attending from France, Portugal, Ireland, UAE, the Philippines and the USA. It has also allowed Cypher to open their doors even more widely, running free Cypher Starters sessions every Thursday afternoon to encourage a wider interest in learning to code and introduce a broad range of children to computational thinking.

“Having gone through the course I can see that the difference in having an exceptional teacher teaching live, versus a non-live course is colossal. He is engaging with it, and loving it so much more than he would with a non-live course.” – Mother of a Kilo coder, age 6

Cypher creative coding camps

This summer, Cypher are running their most intensive range of Live Online camps – and making sure that children have the opportunity to work through some of the issues around the effects of Covid-19, while learning about some of the benefits it has brought. Cypher have three creative themes that rotate over the eight weeks of the holidays:

Big Blue Adventure – marine ecology + code

Kids will be learning to code as they plunge deep under the virtual sea and get a submarine view of the sea floor – find out just how long a whale can hold its breath, what effects the lockdown has had on marine life and explore ways to help save our oceans.

World Tour – world culture + code

Cultural visits are one of the things that avoid the summer learning loss – but there’s no need to miss out with our virtual whirlwind tour of the planet visiting five continents learning to code as you go.

Global Greening – conservation + code

Kids today really care about the environment. The few benefits of the lockdown, like lower air pollution and clearer seas, have opened our eyes to the possibility that our actions can make a difference. Join Cypher to explore environmental issues from re-wilding to recycling, plants to eat to planting trees – students will be finding out what role code has to play in making this planet a greener, safer place.

Find out more about Cypher and the Live Online courses here.

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