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As part of their wider Ada Lovelace Day celebrations, Finding Ada are running three FREE webinars.

Join Finding Ada’s webinars to hear from some amazing women in STEM having conversations around the Science of Hypersleep; Fusing Tech & Art in Games; and Engineering – Solving Problems for Real People.

Tickets are free, so sign up via Eventbrite to stay up-to-date with the speakers, get reminders and the link to view the events. You can find out more about each webinar below:

Ada Lovelace Day 2021- The Science of Hypersleep

The Science of Hypersleep

We explore the science of hybernation to ask, is hypersleep possible? Hypersleep is a common theme in science fiction, but what does science have to say about putting humans into suspended animation? This discussion will focus on the realities of hypersleep and will ask questions such as: What can we learn from hibernating animals? What’s the difference between hibernation and sleep? What health impacts would extended hypersleep have?


Ada Lovelace Day 2021- Fusing Tech & Art in Games

Fusing Tech & Art in Games

Join us for a fascinating discussion about the new role of tech artist, combining technology and artistry in games. The Technical Artist is a relatively new kind of role in the games industry, yet the possibilities for those who pursue this career path to create and merge art and technology is endless. Ada Lovelace Day and #RaiseTheGame invite you to join Kristrun Fridriksdottir, Jodie Azhar, and Emma Roseburgh for our tech art webinar. This panel will discuss what kind of work the tech artist does, the cutting edge of tech artistry, and how tech artists are pushing the boundaries and creating new experiences for players.


Ada Lovelace Day, Engineering event

Engineering – Solving Problems for Real People

Join us for a fascinating discussion about engineering challenges and opportunities. Engineering is the science of problem solving, but the scale of global challenges like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic can diminish our awareness of engineering’s impact on individual people. How are engineers addressing these issues? And how are these engineering solutions affecting our communities?


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