Glitch Summer 2020 Programme Graphic

Join Glitch’s 2020 Summer Programme of workshops for practical tools, increased control over your online presence and a happier, healthier relationship with the digital space.

This summer, Glitch are offering several free one hour online workshops for women and non-binary people on digital self care, safety and security.

73 per cent of women have been exposed to, or experienced, some form of online violence, 83 per cent of trans people have indirectly experienced online abuse and 45 per cent of LGBT+ people have witnessed homophobic, transphobic or biphobic abuse online.

Alongside campaigning for both government and tech to implement systematic change, Glitch are committed to continue equipping women and non-binary people, as digital citizens, to flourish online safely through their summer programme. The Coronavirus pandemic has sparked an increase in internet usage posing an increased risk to online abuse. It’s more important than ever to make sure those disproportionately impacted by online abuse are aware of how to stay safe and how to prioritise their own wellbeing online.

Whether you’re interested in having a public facing role, or you simply just want to feel safer to be you on social media, you’ll come away from the workshops with practical tools and increased control over your online presence, resulting in a happier, healthier relationship with the digital space.

Glitch have successfully trained thousands of people worldwide on online safety. Find out more about the programme and sign up for workshops here.