Being aware that access to decarbonised energy is one pillar of sustainable development, Julia CANTEL chose a career in the nuclear sector, which has always fascinated her.

Julia specialised in Nuclear Engineering. She holds a master’s degree in Process Engineering and another in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering. In this regard, she has developed her knowledge in nuclear safety, thermohydraulic, neutronic, design and operation of Pressurised Water Reactors, and nuclear fuel cycle including spent fuel reprocessing.

She carried out all her internships in the nuclear field: in the USA, in Colorado’s uranium mines; in Belgium, for the decommissioning of the first European pressurised water reactor; in France, at the national radioactive waste incineration unit.

Julia CANTEL began working with EDF in 2010, as a Nuclear Safety Engineer for the operating French nuclear reactors. In 2015, she became one of the few female team leaders at the largest nuclear power station in Western Europe. Since 2020, she has been a Project Manager engaged in the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in the UK.

In 2020, she received the Fem’Energia Europe prize, the only European award open to women working in the nuclear sector, as recognition by the nuclear industry for her professional achievements.

In 2022, she was selected as a scientist in the prestigious Franco-British Young Leaders Programme. Founded in 2017, this program, supported by the British and French governments, aims to create lasting dialogue at the highest level to shape the future of Franco-British relations.

During her career, Julia developed innovative team management methods based on collective intelligence. She guides EDF’s teams toward these management forms and personally leads conferences on flat organisational structure and leadership. She intends to use funds from this activity to assist underprivileged young people.

Besides her job, Julia is involved in several projects to support others.

  • In June 2020, she initiated and co-founded the British ExpatFamilyUK charity, aimed at the partners of EDF expatriates in the United Kingdom, which has 73 members.
  • Julia is Vice-Chair of the EDF UK expatriates’ network (200 people) which supports EDF staff and their families.
  • She is a member of the Women in Nuclear France steering committee, aimed at promoting gender balance in the scientific and technical sectors.
  • Julia is part of the mentoring program France/UK Women in Nuclear 2022. She supports a young British woman in the nuclear sector as a mentor.

Julia Cantel strongly believes in gender diversity and the importance of giving time to others.