Jyoti Choudrie

Professor Jyoti Choudrie holds the position of Professor of Information Systems at Uni-versity of Hertfordshire.

She has extensive years’ experience specialising in investigating the social inclusion and adoption of Information and Communications Technologies on society’s ‘marginal groups’, the adoption, use and diffusion of innovative Information and Communication Technologies in Small to Medium Size Enterprises and large organizations. This is based upon the principles and mechanisms of variables taken from the theories of diffusion, adoption, usage and implementation in the social, organisational and government realms and how they can be brought to fruition using modern internet related technologies; for instance, Broadband, Smartphones and online social networks to guide and improve individuals’ experiences of modern technology. This was achieved due to sponsored research funding schemes-Royal Academy of Engineering, Microsoft and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and consultancy projects with organizations such as, British Telecom and AoL. To ensure that her expertise remains in the area, she has written for established journals such as, European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), Journal of Information Technology, and Journal of Business Research. She has published over 100 peer reviewed papers, commented in trade magazines such as, Computing and Computer Weekly and newspapers, Times Online, Guardian, spoken in industry and academic conferences as a keynote speaker and offered consultancy services to organizations like AoL, BT and Xerox. She has been invited to comment on the radio about the issues of broadband adoption, the digital divide and policies and the impacts of technology on older adults.