Kajol Patel

At the age of 11, Kajol created her first jewellery e-commerce website.

Driven by her curiousity to understand how things work, she studied Physics at Imperial College London where she realised that the key to solving complex problems was truly driven by innovations in technology. Fuelled by wanting to make make a positive impact on society using technology, she tried various failed ideas, including Stiq.It (https://stiq.it/) and won Startup Weekend London 2015 with Techstars. Frustrated by the obstacle of being unable to scale her ideas, she decided to join Deloitte with the aim to learn how to execute. Today, she helps to create and launch new digital products and services for clients across Retail, Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, Healthcare and Automotive. She has worked for over 20+ clients and focuses on corporate strategy, proposition design, product management and customer experience transformation and in her spare time, has a consulting Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/managementconsultant), provides career development advice to future female leaders via NYT Network, as well as spoken to over 4000 students on demystifying consulting and tech as a career.

Want to find out more? Connect with me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kajolpatel/