Kalyani Ravi

Kalyani has been fortunate to have spent the formative years of her career at Barclays, where she has gained deep expertise across multiple disciplines, from underwriting leveraged finance transactions, to advising the firm’s internal strategy at the group level, to now advising the firm’s digital strategy at the group level.

Having worked in both the US and the UK, Kalyani understands the layered cultural nuances that impact operations. Her journey has invited her into key decisions made for all cogs of the greater Barclays entity, including the investment bank, retail bank, shared services or functions, and c-suite.

As a Digital Strategy leader for Barclays, Kalyani endeavors to harness the tension between incumbency and invention to ultimately deliver strategic solutions that best meet the needs of Barclays’ customers. Her team continuously explores and tests the approaches of build, buy, or partner on propositions. Indeed, her life is defined by translating and testing; as a first-generation American, Kalyani lives in the intersection of entrenched generational and cultural mindsets and disruption and modernity. Kalyani graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences from The Wharton School.