Kamila Hankiewicz

I’m an entrepreneur and a founder of a software company Untrite. We provide a platform using Machine Learning to remove data fragmentation in the organisations.

We help clients remove data fragmentation and repetitive tasks through a platform providing better business insight on opportunities which previously went unnoticed. Untrite platform allows to search information across your organisation and uncover links between previously unconnected data. A simple search which e.g. can help an employee assigned to a new project find out who was working on it before before and who else could help. To grasp all the data created in one place. A single ‘point of truth’.

I also actively work in non profit international organisation Girls in Tech. I founded Polish chapter of an international NGO Girls in Tech (girlsintech.org) 5 years ago. After that, I took over London chapter and built an amazing team of women who all share the same mission – to help women get in STEM and boost their careers. I remain as an Advisory Board Member at Girls in Tech Poland.
Through my work in Girls in Tech and private business venture she supports both entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial women and run events catered for both groups: hackathons, mentorship programs, catalyst conferences, demo days for female-led startups or small workshops. Last year we organised a series of events: The Tech Spectrum and Startup Fuckups, showing everybody who aspire to work in tech that it’s not only software jobs but a range of equally exciting different types of roles. I invite inspirational women working as innovation directors, business analysts, data scientists, CEOs etc to talk about their journey. I have also organised many discussion panels inc. subjects of social responsibility, entrepreneurship vs. intrapreneurship.

I actively publish and try to present the good, bad and the ugly of running your own business on my own social media and guests articles on other mediums.

I am very passionate about new technologies and a huge advocate of possibilities it brings for humanity.