Kamila Piorowska

How you could describe me…

Agile Coach with financial industry experience specialiasing with technology transofrmations. Very passionate about leaning software delivery model and transformational changes to deliver the highest value to the customer. Comfortable coaching distributed agile teams, C Level managers, multimillion programmes, IT and business. Experience with scaled agile, enterprise transformation and Community of Practice.

What others say about me….

“Kamila is one of the strongest Agile coaches I have been fortunate to work with. Possessing good knowledge of Agile theory, Kamila has consistently demonstrated a firm understanding of Agile principles and mind-set, by taking a pragmatic approach (based on unique team/programme/ organisational constraints) to Agile transformation.”
(Ade, Agile Coach)

What I say about myself….

I make teams happy. Dreadful faces, working long hours, high level of stress. This is what I have observed working in Investment Banks, Consultancies. Having Software Delivery background helped me to relate to their pain. But… is this what we want from life? Surely there must be more. Teams who I am coaching work less and deliver more. I use mindful coaching techniques and agile way of working to transform individuals as well as teams.

I have been recognised as a face of Agile cultural change at Barclays. Agile is a great example of stewardship in IT departments. It is an innovative approach towards software development emphasising self-empowered teams working together efficiently but in a sustainable way. I have run an Agile transformation in my own team and also trained over 1,000 Barclays IT employees.
Outside of Barclays I stand for Human values (IAHV)– I am an active volunteer of a large volunteer based organization – International Association for Human Values. I teach yoga, mindfulness and stress management .