I started my career in North Africa as an oilfield services engineer which was a technical engineering role exploring for quantity and quality of hydrocarbons following surface explorations.

To complement my engineering experience and background, I completed an MBA (Strategy & Finance) from Wharton Business School and took on a consulting role as a supply chain and operations consultant.

I had always been interested in the role new technologies can play for businesses, and my stint in the UK allowed me to explore different dimensions of technology led consulting. I led an Oracle procurement transformation program rolling out a Source to Pay ERP that was 18 months behind plan and my team and I delivered the first on time release for the UK. Following that project, I expanded my Source to Pay ERP tech exposure to another market leading product before switching teams and careers to Intelligent Automation.

Over the last 5 years, I have designed and delivered several automation engagements from strategy and implementation to fully managed robotics services. I have also worked on researching, designing and leading technical teams to develop automation products and services of the future. One such product looked at leveraging data science to combine process mining and task mining data sets to create an end-to-end view of a business process. I led another engagement that explored setting up cloud native automation solutions to allow clients to fast-track automation platform set up and an on-demand services model. I led the market research, design and development for both products and secured £300k+ in internal VC funding to develop the same. Currently I am a Principal Consultant with Atos IT Services and I manage the automation team and portfolio.