I have been the Community Engagement Manager at NetSupport Ltd since December 2022, I am also the Creative Lead and Editor of our free online education magazine R.I.S.E. and the host of the Of Primary Importance Podcast host (about all things primary and early years). I am a member of the Global Equality Collective, including the ‘Women in Tech’ collective and a Global EdTech Author. I am an InnovateHer Ambassador and a Technocamps Role Model.

Prior to working in tech I was a primary school teacher looking for a challenge beyond the classroom, I first joined NetSupport almost 6 years ago as the Product Manager for an early years and primary solution and grew in my role from there. I am highly active on social media- engaging communities with NetSupport, and us as trustworthy professional people behind the company. I create resources for customers and our wider education and corporate comunities including R.I.S.E. Magazine, blogs, articles, videos, white papers, podcasts, reports and infographics.

I am currently leading a new project for our customers- a hub where they can access not just product based resources but other valuable resources for their organisations such as topical podcasts, articles etc. We are also looking to develop further engagement aspects within the hub such as forums, polls and events calendars.