Kate Stephen

Following a degree in Geography, my career started in retail ecommerce at Jaeger as part of a team of two managing websites and digital marketing. With no developers, it became clear I was going to need to up-skill, so I taught myself HTML and a little CSS so that I could manage the day to days of the website and build out our email marketing programs. From there I quickly developed a keen interest in how visitors were interacting with the site and how I could actively increase conversion whilst making the experience better for the user. The passion for UX was born and the role evolved around me. From there I moved on to TJX Europe (TK Maxx), giving me the experience in a global corporation where there was heavy investment in tech. Given the volume of users at TK Maxx and the pure enthusiasm of the customers, it became very easy to talk to user on a regular basis and develop the experiences and digital platforms around their needs. Having spent 4 years in retail, I was ready for a change and decided to follow my interest in financial markets, international markets and politics. Moving into financial services wasn’t all that easy without financial qualifications but WorldFirst took the risk and understood that the real value in UX comes from the understanding of the user and the approach, rather than in depth knowledge of the industry, which can be learnt. Since joining WorldFirst as the only UX’er, I have built a UX team of 4 and worked with the product team to change mindsets within the business so that we work in a more user centric and iterative fashion, focusing our work around the user needs as well as business objectives. Learning a new industry has been an exciting challenge for sure but the biggest benefit of moving to WorldFirst has been the huge investment and focus in tech – naturally as part of the fintech industry. It’s allowed me to really propel my skills and learn from some great leaders, all whilst being part of an incredible fast paced and innovative industry.

Technology is part of almost everything we do these days and I feel excited to be part of a network of individuals who are making this happen and breaking new ground in all industries. The limits are sky-high and working within tech you discover this on a daily basis. Specifically working within UX, I’m able to translate these exciting break-throughs back to end users and enable new capabilities in their day to day lives.