I started studying programming when I went to university – up to that point everything I knew was self-taught as there were no opportunities to formally study computing in the rural community I grew up in. At University I studied Computer Games Programming as I loved the practicality that the degree offered. Between my second and third years, to gain more experience, I was accepted onto a 13 month industrial placement in Germany at Airbus Helicopters to work on the development of flight systems for military aircraft.

I returned to UK to finish my degree before moving to London in the summer of 2015 to begin working at Transport for London on the Software Development graduate scheme. During the scheme, I worked on a number of different projects from backend ticketing systems to visualisation projects such as Virtual and Augmented Reality. After successfully completing the scheme, I began working on the Contactless payment system used across London’s transport network, specifically a component called the Fares & Aggregation Engine that ensures TfL charges customers the correct fare for their journey.