I left school at 16 not really knowing what I’d like to do and fell into secretarial roles. During this time I found a passion for event management and worked really hard to establish myself as a corporate event manager but after 10 years running professional services events, I craved a new challenge. I had some experience with CRM platforms, MarTech tools and GDPR, so when I saw a role advertised for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Testing and Technical Support Manager, I thought just go for it! In PwC there’s a big focus on transferable skills and I knew with my background I could add real value, and this was a perfect opportunity to learn something new. I’d been a user of these technologies for years and understood how different user groups throughout PwC engaged with the tech.

When I first started I really didn’t know what to expect and there were times self-doubt surfaced its ugly head and I wondered if I was up to this challenge. I remember struggling with the tech terms and language but didn’t want to be defeated so used it as an opportunity to create my own glossary – something that helped me every day! I upskilled by completing Salesforce Trailheads, and spending time with experts within the firm – I documented everything step by step leaving no room for error at a later date. I’m someone who enjoys solving problems and following processes – and yes, I always follow a recipe despite how many times I’ve made it before! I started to realise these were my super powers and although I had no real tech experience I did have very strong attention to detail skills, enabling me to naturally spot issues that others easily miss. Over a short period of time I had established myself as a Marketing Cloud SME, supporting Sales and Marketing, the business and Salesforce leaders in the implementation, adoption and evolution of the Salesforce marketing ecosystem contributing to the UK firm’s ongoing digital transformation. There are days when I still can’t believe I work in technology, my 20 / 30 year old self definitely wouldn’t believe it, but it’s the area I have thrived, felt empowered to learn, use all of my strengths every day and I love every minute of it!