I do not have a degree. I started in supply chain as a stock controller and quickly advanced my skills on MS Excel, incorporating VBA and advanced formulae with no prior knowledge and enhancing processes for the team, quickly becoming the go-to for SAP related queries throughout the business. I constantly explored better ways to do something and was not happy sticking to the status quo. I was then head hunted by the emerging RPA team in National Grid and brought in as a developer, on first impressions alone. I received my UI Path (based on .net) foundation diploma within a month and delivered my first solo project in the second month in the team. 9 months on and I have built and am maintaining 13 regular processes, along with peer reviewing and supporting the senior developer. I have written the tech standards document for our team and helped implement best practice. In my own time I am trying to further my knowledge of software development – I have signed up to FreeCodeCamp and am currently working through an intense Java and algorithms module for my part time Open University degree. I’m passionate about the environment and would love to use tech to save the planet – my entrepreneurial friend has just opened a zero waste shop and I have been looking at QR scanning to enhance her customer experience. I have a curious mind and love a challenge! I have attended conferences and always challenge the speaker, and people are always surprised by my age. My dad is a senior software developer and has worked in many large organisations – he is very supportive and as a consequence I have a lot of reading material, a raspberry pi to play with and a great mentor!