I started my Accenture career as an Apprentice in 2015, graduating in 2019 with a 2:1 in Digital and Technology solutions. During my time here I found my passion lies in DevOps and my dedication to learning and honing my skills has led me to being the DevOps expert on the account. Taking charge of my career in this way has led to my promotion to a Software Engineering Specialist.

I am currently the DevOps Lead on a large government critical infrastructure modernisation programme, where I focus on designing and implementing Infrastructure and Automated Deployment Pipelines for two distinct projects.

Because of my experience in Ansible and Terraform and being on this project as one of the first employees to be employed on it, I stepping into the training lead role to go through the technologies we use on these projects.

This is a new role within this project which I have created the framework for future training by producing the relevant documentation to ensure quality of work by orchestrating multiple KT sessions, handover documents as well as step-by-step processes on how to run pipelines for the project to be successful.