During my studies at the University of Portsmouth undertaking a Law with International Relations, I had an enriching placement experience at GSK, where I worked with the Organisation Development Consultancy, an internal consulting team responsible for projects across the organisation. This opportunity ignited my passion for organisation strategy and employee engagement.

Following my studies, I ventured into a consulting career within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life sciences industries. While continuing my work in organisation design and strategy, I immersed myself in various projects, uniquely working across all three practices: Capability Building, Commercial, and Development. It was during this time that my interest in digital technology grew. Over the course of two years, I focused on building e-learning modules, creating wireframes to outline content for pharmaceutical companies to support their sales efforts, and developing value propositions for new and emerging markets. Concurrently, I began writing articles emphasising the need for the industry to embrace partner ecosystems and accelerate digitisation.

Seeking new challenges, I applied for BT’s Training Contract scheme to transition into a different industry. However, the interview process revealed that my customer-centric drive and passion for technology were better suited for a different role, leading me to join Contract and Commercial Management. In this capacity, I worked on public sector accounts, playing a pivotal role in transforming a shared services centre. This complex task involved handling sensitive data and employee information, all while navigating the introduction of GDPR regulations. Leveraging my experience in engagement and organisational development, I focused on motivating and inspiring teams during a period of significant change and uncertainty. Later, I transitioned one of BT’s largest FMCG accounts, becoming the commercial lead for a global network transformation. Recognising my enjoyment in articulating the link between technology and business outcomes, I also contributed to the development and rollout of BT’s Retail and Consumer Goods proposition and Digital Manufacturing proposition. Subsequently, I advanced to a sales role, overseeing another network infrastructure transformation and spearheading a global security transformation impacting over 100,000 employees.

After three years, I assumed a leadership position in a major healthcare insurer, leading efforts to implement connectivity across multiple sites in the UK and the Middle East. More recently, I have been responsible for managing several accounts in the Professional Services sector, driving the focus on how technology can augment talent attraction and retention strategies as well as contributing to BT’s Quantum Key Distribution Network launch and commercialisation. Additionally, I have recently taken on the role of a Board of Trustees member for the MK Community Foundation, utilising my digital skills to benefit the charity’s initiatives.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a drive for customer satisfaction and a passion for leveraging technology to drive business outcomes. My diverse experiences in organisation development, digital transformation, and sales have equipped me with a diverse skill set to navigate the dynamic landscape of the tech industry.